Monday, February 8, 2010

My Top 3 Favorite Basslines.


Song: "Johnny B. Goode" by Chuck Berry/Elvis Presley
Genre: Rock n Roll
Comments: This is one of many evergreen songs that I know since my childhood. The tune was first heard while watching 'Back to the future' - indeed my favorite trilogy film so far. Using the most common progression in Rock n Roll which is I-IV-V, this song is a must-to-learn not only for those who intend to learn a rock n roll baseline, but also for the guitarists who want to diversify the genre.


Song: Freestyle play by Buddy Hankerson.
Genre: Funky Rock
Comments: I bet most of you might heard this kind of tune, especially while watching Drama, or 'government promo' around late 80's to early 90's. Yes, this is also one one of my favorite bass tune, and it sounds nostalgic. God, just listen to how he slap the string over and over again. Frankly, I can't slap my guitar strings properly, and I wonder why.. *sigh*. So, again guys, this is number 2!


Song: "Stay Away" by L'Arc~en~Ciel (Laruku)
Genre: J-Rock
Comments: Yes, yes and yes! It's J-rock that rules once again. I believe most J-Rock bands have a very good quality of bassline in their songs (just listen to hundred of anime songs out there, if you don't believe me), and "Stay Away" is just one of them. The bassline are very melodic, but there is also period when it counters the melody/lead especially during the 'peak' of the song (i.e chorus). So there it is.. "Stay Away" (generally J-Rock), my no.1 bassline..

P/S: PseudoAudio's bassline must be influenced by one of these basslines..


Bob Merley said...

L'Arc~en~Ciel (Laruku)memang best ah!!
Dengar Driver's High, lagu diorang yg paling aku suka.

Joy Kalonas said...

best2.. laruku 4eva!

Nurulbadiah lai Mohd Ramli Lai said...

dat owesome!suka lgu2 tu..bestttt

Joy Kalonas said...

tq for visiting my blog, dear fren..

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