Thursday, July 2, 2009

May Allah be with you Uncle Jacko, R.I.P.

I'm not a big fan of Michael Joseph Jackson @ Mikaeel, but I believe he's one of the best entertainers have ever been born, and I'm glad I'd enjoyed his songs during my childhood days while he was still alive back in the early 90's, unlike the late Elvis Presly and Allahyarham Tan Sri P Ramlee. Beat it, Billie Jean, Bad and Black or White are my favorite of his, and I can barely remember his cool music video of Black or white being on-aired on local tv (TV3) somewhere between 1992-1993.

Some facts that u might or might not know about M.J:
  • made his debut on the professional music scene in 1968 as a member of The Jackson 5 before began a solo career in 1971.
  • 1982 album Thriller remains the world's best-selling album of all time.
  • popularized a number of physically complicated dance techniques, such as the robot and the moonwalk - which later became his trademark.
  • labeled as the king of pop makes his name as bigaz as other big names such as B. B. King (King of the Blues) and Elvis Presley (King of Rock and Roll). Click here for more info.
  • In May 1994, Jackson married singer-songwriter Lisa Marie Presley, the daughter of Elvis Presley but divorced less than two years later.
  • married dermatologist nurse Deborah Jeanne Rowe, who bore him a son, Michael Joseph Jackson, Jr. (also known as "Prince"), and a daughter, Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson.
  • purchased land near Santa Ynez, California in March 1988 to build Neverland Ranch at a cost of $17 million.
  • In November 2008, he has reportedly converted to Islam and changed his name to Mikaeel after one of Allah’s angels.
  • Died at approximately 2:25 p.m. local time (21:25 UTC) on June 25, 2005 in Holmby Hills, LA at the age of 50. Until this post was written, it's believed that the cause of death was due to his addiction to drugs.
  • His family intended to bury him at the Neverland Ranch, eventually turning it into a place of pilgrimage for his fans, similar to how Graceland has become a destination for fans of Elvis Presley.

Rest In Peace Michael..

P/S: Listen to Michael's songs for free at his official Myspace page.

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