Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mirah Yom Tov Zeitlyn

Mirah Yom Tov Zeitlyn; I bet not all of you know about this singer-songwriter from Portland, Oregon, US. The first time I heard her voice and listen to one of her hits, I can tell you that she is totally awesome. Most of her fans and music critics labelled her as an Indie Rock singer-songwriter. Eventhough that she's Jewish (and her middle name 'Yom Tov' literally means 'holy day' in hebrew), regardless of her faith and what she believes in, I can say she is super-talented and she deserves to be honored like Norah Jones and MariĆ© Digby. Plus, she is openly lesbian and I don't think her "Jewish" is that strong like those who proud and declare Judaical people are the greatest people on earth. So, here is one of her hits from her debut album "You Think It's Like This but Really It's Like This" back in early year 2000..

La Familia by Mirah


Hey friends don't you think you better cool it down
You're always gettin' curious and leavin' town
You know i like it being in your family
I wonder what would happen if nobody left
We'd all stick around if we'd all stick around

And here's a question that's been tested:
Tell me, if we sleep together
Would it make it any better?
If we sleep together
Would you be my friend forever?

If we sleep together
Would it make it any better?
If we sleep together
Would you be my friend?

Hey friend listen up their playing our song
On the radio, do you have to go?
I really like it, this rock and roll
Makes me want a little sugar in my bowl
It's like the glory days, it's like a fortune sold

(Repeat Chorus)

Let's none of us forget about who we are
So choose a path and follow it
Take a pill and swallow it
None of us forget about who we are
It's not forever we can fool around in the dark

(Repeat Chorus)

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si Comot (VIP boy) said...

Hey, u dig cool stuff
Check us out too.

She's jewie they make great wacky musics! Keep it, sis'

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