Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Project X

My 4-year journey at the R.I.T is finally approaching its end. It seems like yesterday was the day when I first opened a new chapter in my life as a freshman. Yet, another 3 months and I shall say goodbye to all memories, professors, friends (indeed only a small circle of american friends), and last but not least, my sweet 'Riverknoll'. 

As one chapter of my life ends, there will be another chapter that comes in unintentionally. Whereas some of my friends are already looking for grad schools, my future as a young scientist are still uncertain. Besides Malaysia's economy nowadays is in its ups and downs, and kinda give me a signal to think twice any next move and decision to be made in my career. 

At this point, some of you might ask, what the heck this posting is all about - it seems like I was talking about my personal life and its dilemma, and yet the title says "Project X". Well, Relax son.. My english teacher used to say, most of the time a good introduction will guarantee a good form of essay, and eventhough I know the introduction of this post is kinda crappy rather than *****y (can't think another good word for this), at least I try to hook up what I've already learned in high school, right? (Giler poyo nak mampus mamat ni, hahaha)

Long story short, I would like to introduce to you what I (we?) call as 'Project X' - when I say project x, and I'm using the CAPITAL letter of X, mathematically known as root/solution for any polynomial equation, it is a serious BIG thing. But wait, what is project X? The answer will be revealed soon, maybe by the end of summer 2009. Moreover, any musician (especially who play bass line and/or piano) who's interested can consult me directly through this posting, or consult our manager Azman Redza via his email pembelit@yahoo.com (don't misunderstand, he's not a kaki putar belit or something like that, he's just a nice guy with a good looking appearance, hehehe). So project X, here we come!!


Jazlin Ernida said...

whatever it is, good luck in your project X!

- Hamster Putih - said...

Thanks Alin, someday you will figure out what value of 'X' is.. =D

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